Junior Church

Our Church has been blessed with a wonderful group of young children as many as forty regularly attend each week. Equally we have been blessed by a group of leaders who feel called to work with these young people. In Junior Church we make provision for children aged 0-11 and youths up to 18yrs during Sunday morning worship - after a time spent altogether in church.

Each week the children have fun in their groups worshipping, hearing Bible stories, learning Bible verses, playing games, praying and getting creative Together week by week we discover how wonderful and sometimes challenging it is to belong to the kingdom of God and as adults we seek to introduce the children to Jesus and his great love for them. We teach Jesus’ love is for everyone so it is important we are always seeking ways to enable new children to join Junior Church.


Calling all pre-school toddlers, parents and carers!!

One of our most recent ventures has been the successful introduction of a 'Play and Praise' event twice a month - held in our church building...

It's amazing how big the play space is when we move back all the chairs so that the youngsters can enjoy themselves!

We provide good quality coffee for the adults whilst the youngsters enjoy various crafy exercises before coming together to sing songs together and listen to Bible stories and share simple prayers - a real worship activity for the very young

We meet from 9.00 until 10.30 am on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month during school term time.



Tiddlywinks is a group for both toddlers and their parents. We provide a happy, safe Christian environment where we tell the great old Bible stories and endorse our Christian ideals and basic principles.

...for the young people

Little Wesley's Soft Play Cafe (Currently closed due to Pandemic) )

Based in the Athenaeum building on Potter Street 'Little Wesley's' is a cafe that caters specifically for pre-school children with their Mums, Dads and Carers.
The cafe features the only soft play area in the village alongside the cafe bar where you can sit and enjoy our best coffees and refreshments.

Jude manages the cafe and looks forward to welcoming you with her brilliant team of volunteers.

It is possible to hire the facility for parties

For current Opening Times and also to catch up with all the latest news see our Facebook pages.

Athenaeum Youth Cafe (Currently Closed)

The church has invested in the development of a purpose designed youth cafe for the use of young people in Melbourne and the surrounding area. It is open at various times during the week for both junior and senior school children at different times. It has a bar where youngsters can by snacks, sweets and smoothies!

When the pandemic allows, the church will reconsider its way forward with youth work in the cafe - no doubt understanding what the young people of the village want and remaining relevant to the them!

The Afternoon Tea Service

Each month we hold an Afternoon Tea Service which is particularly appreciated by our older church members and their friends. A sociable worship event which is presented in 'Cafe Style' church with tables of six or eight set out across the room.

The event starts with time for a chat and then the congregation is able to choose their favourite hymns from a selection of the more traditional variety. This is followed by afternoon tea which is served at your table by the church staff - posh sandwiches and fancy cakes!

There is usually a bible reading, perhaps an amusing sketch and then a short talk followeed by another hymn selection and prayers.

This Tuesday afternoon meeting is proving very popular!

Still Waters - Dementia Friendly Worship

Still Waters is the name we have given to our Dementia friendly service held once a month in our church. It's form is a ver simple, short traditional church service followed by tea served around tables at the back of the church. It is designed for sufferers and carers alike meaning they can all relax and enjoy worship together

Note the regularity of these services is dependent upon the demand. If you would like to know more please contact our minister.

MAP Men's Group (currently meeting via Zoom!)

Each Tuesday a social group of 'wise men' meet in a local hostelry (winter) or on a footpath (summer) to share stories and put the world to right! Some of the group go to church, some don't.

The group can be occasionally cajoled into undertaking simple painting and decorating tasks

New members are always welcome.

Nine Months - Babygroup

Our Nine Months babygroup has been a real life line for many local mums and dads for nearly 20years!


Denise will welcome you every week with a cuppa and a smile. It provides a comfortable, safe space to chat with and get to know other new parents.


Pregnant mums are very welcome, with most staying until their babies are fully mobile!


Fundamental to Christian life is prayer. As a church we encourage our members to prayer regularly and in different ways. We have recently reinvigorated our church prayer life by suggesting meeting in small groups of twos and threes. We also produce simple prayer schedules to help gain a focus on the prayer for the life of our church.


You may find the latest prayer schedules on the Resources page 

Church Life - Report

In normal times you will find a recent church report posted here that explains in some detail the activities of the preceding 12 months