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Building BLOCKS of

METHODISM in Melbourne

Chapel on Church Street.jpg

This is the second Chapel built on what was originally 'Back Street' in Melbourne, that later became Church Street. 

It was described as 'a neat brick chapel'  Erected in 1826 it replaced an earlier smaller meeting house and was completed at a cost of £600. It was capable of seating a congregation of 300, with a Sunday School of 130.

The building still stands alongside the New Chapel and is currently an antiques shop.

Church with Tower.jpg

The New Methodist Chapel was built to meet a demand for larger congregations and was opened in 1870. The Old Chapel became the Sunday School.

The foundation stone-laying ceremony took place on the 10th May, 1869. According to the diary of John Grice, one of the trustees, the New Chapel was opened on May 30th, 1870. The special preacher was the Rev. Samuel Coley, of London. The total cost of erecting and fitting the New Chapel was £1,877  13s.  4d. 

Architects Drawing of Church.jpg

The Architects drawing for the new Chapel

New Chapel Prior to 1932.jpg

Inside the New Chapel and prior to the alterations completed in 1932. The Pipe Organ had originally been positioned at the other end of the building, between the two doors that open onto Church Street. Notice also the decorative paintwork and lettering, the raised preaching Rostrum and gas lighting. There was a Minister's vestry, but the Choir vestry was added later as part of the 1932 works.

New Chapel prior to 1970.jpg

Inside the New Chapel prior to 1970. You will notice the screens in front of the extended organ pipes and also the Choir Stalls that were installed in 1932. In 1970 the organ was removed and sold, to be replaced with an electro-mechanical organ that itself was replaced in 2001 by an electric piano

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